PCMFlash Price changing from 1st of september

From 1st of september would be price changing

Modules №17, 26, 34 - fixed price 5000р
Modules №48, 50, 65 - fixed price 9000р, no varies with discount
Module №57 - fixed price 12000р, no varies with discount
Module №27 - added variant with discount, price 5000р with 18th module
Modules №35, 42, 46 - fixed price 10000р, no varies with discount
Modules №68, 70 - fixed price 7000р
Module №69 - fixed price 12000р
Modules №53, 71 - price 20000р, variant with discount left
In holidays and weekends activations wount be preformed.So orders for activation would be performed in working days. Buy necessary modules in advance.

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