• ETL 711 Programmer

ETL 711 Programmer

  • Product Code: ETL 711 Programmer
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  • Communication with PC via a serial port
  • Easy to use Windows 98/ME/XP software
  • In-circuit/On-board EEPROM programming
  • High Speed EEPROM Programming
  • CONFIG Register Programming
  • Pin tester in both operation Modes
  • TargetMCU baud rate auto detection
  • 2 color LED indicatesMode of operation, power supply status
  • 8 adapers included
Supported Devices
MC68HC11A8 (AB95T) 
MC68HC11A8 (C96N) 
MC68HC11A8 (D26E) 
MC68HC11E9 (1B60R) 
MC68HC11E9 (D82R) 
MC68HC11E9 (E22B) 
MC68HC11E9 (E28B) 
MC68HC11EA9 (2D47J) 
MC68HC11F1 (2F37E) 
MC68HC11F1 (E87J) 
MC68HC11K1 (2D58N) 
MC68HC11K4 (1E62H) 
MC68HC11K4 (OE75J) 
MC68HC11KA4 (1E59B) 
MC68HC11KS2 (0H95B) 
MC68HC11KS4 (0E57S) 
MC68HC11KS4 (0F60M) 
MC68HC11P2 (2E74J) 
MC68HC711E20 (1H19S) 
MC68HC711E9 (4K81H) 
MC68HC711E9 (5C47M) 
MC68HC711K4 (K59D) 
MC68S711E9 (5C47M) 
XC68HC711KS8 (1H96P) 
XC68HC711P2 (1E53M)
Package Included
1.       one 711 programmer
2.       one 11EA9 PLCC-52 adapter
3.       one 11E PLCC-52 adapter
4.       one 11E QFP-64 adapter
5.       one 11K PLCC-84 adapter
6.       one 11K QFP-80 adapter
7.       one 11KA/KS PLCC-68 adapter
8.       one 11F PLCC-68 adapter
9.       one 11PH PLCC-84 adapter

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