• MiniPro TL866A True USB Willem Universal Programmer

MiniPro TL866A True USB Willem Universal Programmer

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MiniPro TL866A True USB Willem Universal Programmer / bios programmer for Windows7/Vista/Xp 64MBbits

1, the fastest program (part of the chip speed 5-10).
  2, the world's smallest, lowest power consumption itself, Barbara is not the only one heat of the integrated programmers.
  3, all the chips without external power supply, its low power consumption ensure that the USB port can provide enough power.
  4, the best internal 40-pin over-voltage protection, the strongest of the VPP, VCC four over-current protection.
        Do not reset the PC or short-circuit programmer.
  5, a wide range of 6000 + chip support, support for serial Series, thousands of parallel chips
        40/44/48PIN large capacity FLASH.
  6, the unique serial programming ICSP interface supports high-speed parallel and serial download programming.
         Note: TL866CS obstructing this feature
  7, the real test 74/54 CMOS4000 series can be integrated. Can be positioned to gate errors.
  8, the chip serial number feature the most complete and practical.
  9, support for Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Win2008 WinVista Win7 32-bit operating system in the United Kingdom (64-bit not supported)
High-performance mini TL866 USB programmer / writer 1, the overall performance: introduce comprehensive performance
  2, introduces a special feature: AVR microcontroller series of high-speed programming
  3, introduced two special features: PIC 8-bit microcontroller programming the whole family
  4, introduced three special features: Serial 24/25/35/45/93 Series Programming
  5, in particular, introduce four functions: high-performance BIOS programmer
  6, introduced five special features: auto computer chip used programming

TL866A TL866CS USB Mini Programmer supports high-performance multi-chip list:

TL866CS TL866A programmer with support for different chip

1, TL866CS obstructing the ICSP interface, support for both serial and parallel programming high programming microcontrollers. 866CS version ICSP serial programming not available
2, part of the chip microcontroller PIC list, as more microcontroller pins for ICSP interface can only be programmed, TL866CS unavailable.
3, AT45DBxxxx chip, can only use the ICSP interface programming, TL866CS unavailable.
4, on the other chip programming, TL866CS, TL866A no difference.

Chip according to the actual manufacturers models listed can be found in-kind or downloaded to the chip's instruction manual,
The actual support of the chip programmer over 6000 kinds of data.
Chip classification according to the application menu, choose Arrange, executable application specific chip select View menu.
================================================== ==============================
Common UV erase or one-time programming 27xxxx EPROM / OTP ROM: (27 series of ROM about 1,500 models
Different chip packages), because these chips versatility is strong, the programmer is not listed separately on the chip manufacturers, as long as you
Select the corresponding type of chip and package / programming voltage can be programmed.
================================================== ==============================
2,716,273,227,642,712 8,272,562,751,227,010 27020
27C16 27C32 27C64 27C128 27C256 27C512 27C010 27C020 27C040 27C080
The low-voltage 3.0V-3.3V
27LV128 27LV256 27LV512 27LV010 27LV020 27LV040 27LV080 27LV801
27LV1000 27LV2000 27LV4000 27LV1001 27LV2001 27LV4001
16-bit ROM:
27C1024 27C2048 27C4096 27C210 27C220 27C240
================================================== ==============================
Electrical erase the ROM chip (26/27/37xxxx )--------> about programmable chips: 72
================================================== ==============================
SST ----->SST27SF256 SST27SF512 SST27SF512(PLCC32) SST27SF512(TSOP32) SST27SF010 
     SST27SF010(PLCC32) SST27SF020 SST27SF020(PLCC32) SST27SF020(TSOP32) SST27SF040 
     SST27SF040(PLCC32) SST27SF040(TSOP32)
     W27C257 W27C257(PLCC32) W27C512 W27C512(PLCC32) W27C010 W27C010(PLCC32) 
     W27C01 W27C01(PLCC32) W27C020 W27C020(Q32) W27C020(S32) 
     W27C02 W27C02(Q32) W27C02(S32) W27C040 W27C040(PLCC32) 
     W27C040(SOP32) W27E257 W27E257(PLCC32) W27E512 W27E512(PLCC32) 
     W27E010 W27E010(PLC32) W27E010(SOP32) W27E01 W27E01(PLCC32) 
     W27E01(SOP32) W27E020 W27E020(PLCC32) W27E020(SOP32) W27E02 
     W27E02(PLCC32) W27E02(SOP32) W27E040 W27E040(PLCC32) W27E040(SOP32) W27E04
MXIC ----->
并行FLASH EEPROM  28xxx/29xxxx/39xxxx/49xxx/50xxxx------约可编程芯片数:1778 
          ACTRANS   Parallel Flash  Total: 9
      AC39LV512  @PLCC32        AC39LV512  @TSOP32
      AC39LV010  @PLCC32        AC39LV010  @TSOP32
      AC39LV020  @PLCC32        AC39LV020  @TSOP32
      AC39LV040  @PLCC32        AC39LV040  @TSOP32
      AC39LV080  @TSOP40
          AMD  Parallel Flash  Total: 184
    AM2816 AM2816A AM28C16 AM2864A AM2864AE AM28C256 
    AM28F256  AM28F256A AM28F256A(PLCC32) AM28F512 AM28F512(PLCC32) AM28F512A 
  AM28F010 AM28F010(PLCC32) AM28F010A AM28F020 AM28F020(PLCC32) 
  AM29F010  @DIP32_PLCC32_TSOP32    AM29F040B @DIP32_PLCC32_TSOP32  
  AM29F010B @DIP32_PLCC32_TSOP32    AM29F080(B) @TSOP40            
  AM29F040  @DIP32_PLCC32_TSOP32    AM29F016D   @TSOP40    
  AM29F002T   @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32    AM29F002B   @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32
  AM29F002BT  @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32    AM29F002BB  @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32
  AM29F002NT  @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32    AM29F002NB  @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32
  AM29F002NBT @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32    AM29F002NBB @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32
  AM29F100T   @TSOP48       AM29F100T   @SOP44
  AM29F100B   @TSOP48       AM29F100B   @SOP44
  AM29F100AT  @TSOP48       AM29F100AT  @SOP44
  AM29F100AB  @TSOP48       AM29F100AB  @SOP44
  AM29F200AT  @TSOP48       AM29F200AT  @SOP44
  AM29F200AB  @TSOP48       AM29F200AB  @SOP44
  AM29F200BT  @TSOP48       AM29F200BT  @SOP44
  AM29F200BB  @TSOP48       AM29F200BB  @SOP44
  AM29F400AT  @TSOP48       AM29F400AT  @SOP44
  AM29F400AB  @TSOP48       AM29F400AB  @SOP44
  AM29F400BT  @TSOP48       AM29F400BT  @SOP44
  AM29F400BB  @TSOP48       AM29F400BB  @SOP44
  AM29F800T   @TSOP48       AM29F800T   @SOP44
  AM29F800B   @TSOP48       AM29F800B   @SOP44
  AM29F800AT  @TSOP48       AM29F800AT  @SOP44
  AM29F800AB  @TSOP48       AM29F800AB  @SOP44
  AM29F800BT  @TSOP48       AM29F800BT  @SOP44
  AM29F800BB  @TSOP48       AM29F800BB  @SOP44
  AM29F160DT  @TSOP48       AM29F160DB  @TSOP48
  AM29LV010B  @PLCC32            AM29LV004BT @TSOP40
  AM29LV020B  @PLCC32            AM29LV004BB @TSOP40
  AM29LV040B  @PLCC32            AM29LV008T  @TSOP40
  AM29LV010B  @TSOP32            AM29LV008B  @TSOP40
  AM29LV020B  @TSOP32            AM29LV008BT @TSOP40
  AM29LV040B  @TSOP32            AM29LV008BB @TSOP40
  AM29LV081   @TSOP40            AM29LV200T  @TSOP48
  AM29LV017   @TSOP40            AM29LV200B  @TSOP48
  AM29LV033C  @TSOP40            AM29LV200BT @TSOP48
  AM29LV033M  @TSOP40            AM29LV200BB @TSOP48
  AM29LV001T  @PLCC32            AM29LV200T  @SOP44
  AM29LV001B  @PLCC32            AM29LV200B  @SOP44
  AM29LV001BT @PLCC32            AM29LV200BT @SOP44
  AM29LV001BB @PLCC32            AM29LV200BB @SOP44
  AM29LV001T  @TSOP32            AM29LV400T  @TSOP48
  AM29LV001B  @TSOP32            AM29LV400B  @TSOP48
  AM29LV001BT @TSOP32            AM29LV400BT @TSOP48
  AM29LV001BB @TSOP32            AM29LV400BB @TSOP48
  AM29LV002T  @TSOP40            AM29LV400T  @SOP44
  AM29LV002B  @TSOP40            AM29LV400B  @SOP44
  AM29LV004T  @TSOP40            AM29LV400BT @SOP44
  AM29LV004B  @TSOP40            AM29LV400BB @SOP44---(44)
  AM29LV800T   @TSOP48            AM29DL800BB  @SOP44 
  AM29LV800B   @TSOP48            AM29DL161DT  @TSOP48
  AM29LV800BT  @TSOP48            AM29DL161DB  @TSOP48
  AM29LV800BB  @TSOP48            AM29DL162DT  @TSOP48
  AM29LV800T   @SOP44             AM29DL162DB  @TSOP48
  AM29LV800B   @SOP44             AM29DL163DT  @TSOP48
  AM29LV800BT  @SOP44             AM29DL163DB  @TSOP48
  AM29LV800BB  @SOP44             AM29DL164DT  @TSOP48
  AM29LV160BT  @TSOP48            AM29DL164DB  @TSOP48
  AM29LV160BB  @TSOP48            AM29DL322DT  @TSOP48
  AM29LV160DT  @TSOP48            AM29DL322DB  @TSOP48
  AM29LV160DB  @TSOP48            AM29DL322GT  @TSOP48
  AM29LV320DT  @TSOP48            AM29DL322GB  @TSOP48
  AM29LV320DB  @TSOP48            AM29DL323GT  @TSOP48
    AM29LV320MT  @TSOP48            AM29LV320MB  @TSOP48
  AM29LV641D   @TSOP48            AM29DL323GB  @TSOP48
  AM29DL400BT  @TSOP48            AM29DL323DT  @TSOP48
  AM29DL400BB  @TSOP48            AM29DL323DB  @TSOP48
  AM29DL400BT  @SOP44             AM29DL324DT  @TSOP48
  AM29DL400BB  @SOP44             AM29DL324DB  @TSOP48
  AM29DL800BT  @TSOP48            AM29DL324GT  @TSOP48
  AM29DL800BB  @TSOP48            AM29DL324GB  @TSOP48
  AM29DL800BT  @SOP44                           --------(45)

    AM29BL802CB  SOP56              AM29BL162CB   SOP56---(2)

          AMIC Parallel Flash     Total: 116
     A29001T      (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)   A290011T      (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)
     A29001U      (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)   A290011U      (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)
     A29002T      (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)   A290021T      (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)
     A29002U      (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)   A290021U      (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)
     A29512       (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)   A29010        (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)
     A29020       (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)   A29040        (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)
     A29040       (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)   A29040A       (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)
    A29040B      (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)   A29L040       (DIP/PLCC/TSOP)
       A29400TV @TSOP48         A29800TV @TSOP48
       A29400UV @TSOP48         A29800UV @TSOP48
       A29400TM @SOP44          A29800TM @SOP44 
       A29400UM @SOP44          A29800UM @SOP44 
             A29L040    @DIP_PLCC32   A29L008AUV  @TSOP40 
             A29L040    @TSOP32       A29L400TV   @TSOP48
             A29L040A   @DIP_PLCC32   A29L400UV   @TSOP48
             A29L040A   @TSOP32       A29L400ATV  @TSOP48
             A29L004TL  @PLCC32       A29L400AUV  @TSOP48
             A29L004UL  @PLCC32       A29L400TM   @SOP44"
             A29L004TV  @TSOP32       A29L400UM   @SOP44 
             A29L004UV  @TSOP32       A29L400ATM  @SOP44 
             A29L004TX  @TSOP32       A29L400AUM  @SOP44 
             A29L004UX  @TSOP32       A29L800TV   @TSOP48

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