• SPEEDSTOP - Plug and Play KM freezer for BMW E-series cars

SPEEDSTOP - Plug and Play KM freezer for BMW E-series cars

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For BMW Exx series cars testing. While car drive test is possible to stop (freeze) odometer counting. 

Plug and Play device with easiest connection way possible, no soldering is required in the installation process.

Speedometer and Adaptive cruise control works in all modes !

Works with :

  • X5 E70 2007-2013;
  • X6 E71 2008-2014;
  • 3 E90/E91/E92/E93 2008-2013;
  • 5 E60/E61  2008-2010;
  • Z4 E89 2009-2016;


(hazard indicator on speedometer blinks every time when working mode are changed­) 

---> Freeze Modepull 4x High beam light switch quickly (hazard indicator on speedometer blinks 1 time) = Odometer freezed, Speed indicator show actual speed;   
---> return to normal functionality :  pull 4x High beam light switch quickly  (hazard indicator on speedometer blinks 2 time) = Odometer and Speed indicator works like without SPEEDSTOP;  


What to do if in Freeze MODE speedometer pointer show wrong car speed:  you have possibility adjust speedometer scale. If speedometer shows car speed lower then the real car speed, push "Turn signal switch Right" for 3 sec. while driving. After 3 sec. speedometer pointer will start slowly go UP. Release "Turn signal switch Right"  when pointer will reach actual speed. Same with "Turn signal switch Left" button – you can adjust speedometer pointer to lower side by pushing "Turn signal switch Left" button for 3 sec. 

After Ignition OFF/ON SPEEDSTOP keeps selected working mode.

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